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"God is Defining"

This morning I had a casual conversation with an old lady. We exchanged stories and a few laughs. I asked her to tell me about a hard time in her life and her answer was,  ”Trying to find myself while taking insults from my husband.” I really felt for her.. She tried to look for herself in someone who didn’t know who she really was, and she allowed the lies to define her. Before I get too deep check this little verse out :

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you….

- Jeremiah 1:5

God foreknew us BEFORE we were in the womb. We are a spirit housed in a body. Hence, we lose attraction to a person who is only attracted to our body, really, because that’s not what we actually are. They aren’t interested in the real (spiritual) you.


So, we become too busy defining our bodies instead of defining our spirit. That’s why we are destroyed spiritually. We put forth so much effort into who we are not.

The thing is, God knew us before we even tried to get to know ourselves. He is the creator and He knows everything about us, including all the good times and all the sinful times. We must allow the Creator to define us.

 The womb of a woman is God’s workshop. We are the project. God literally crafted our bodiless spirit inside of a womb. We did not create ourselves so there is no way we can tell ourselves who we are. If you keep hearing the same opinion about the type of person you are, eventually you will accept it as the truth. That is where we go wrong. We allow false truths to define us instead of the truth from our Creator. 

What you accept as the truth becomes your truth. Imagine accepting all the incredible truths God has to say about you.

Be blessed - Marcus Galang.   TURN UP!

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[ISSUE III] : Marcus Galang / Believer .

Faith.. God.. Love.. Spirituality.. 


The deep subjects; the ones that aren’t discussed as often as they should but in my opinion are the most important. It’s funny how when bringing up one of these topics in conversation, people often flinch, or become uncomfortable - but who said they should be overlooked and labeled as easy? I met someone who I had no problem mulling all these things over with.. and he so happens to be a “lil innovator" in his own right .


Not too long ago I came across this incredible dude named Marcus Galang at my local church in Virginia Beach, Virginia - Wave Church. He was so chill and humble when we met but interestingly enough, it felt like we had known each other already.. God has an incredible calling on his life and when he began telling me that he’s walking in his calling to preach the word of God, I was FLOORED! It instantly hit me.. we were meant to cross paths for a reason.


One day at a youth night bible study at church there was a message being preached about how many people in our generation are going through a period of isolation. With more elaboration came more self-identification and awareness for Marcus and myself.. we sat there in awe of this “calling us out” moment.The speaker that night gestured us to pray for one another and in that moment I knew that there was something special about this guy and his willingness to walk in his calling. I wanted to help play a part in that..


Later I talked to him about the possibility of him wanting to take his messages to the next level and allow him to have an online platform so that he can reach more souls - mainly the creatives, working professionals, and socialites that either don’t have time or make time to go to church on Sundays or bible study during the week.

He was hesitant because of a chance at stumbling into self-glorification but he then realized that if he was gonna take the risk of preaching the word of God to a dying world.. a more distracted world.. he was going to have to be brave enough to live what the word says :

Deuteronomy 31:6 - Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he [it is] that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.


And so.. he graciously took some time out to have a little talk about why he’s decided to walk in what he believes God sought him out to do and illuminate the world on why exactly he is extraordinary .

I started by asking, “What prompted you to start preaching the word?”

Marcus: "Well.. when I was 13 years old and before I adopted Christianity on my own, my parents were the ones who first directed my attention to it. But then one day, it became real to me. I met this guy from California that was new to my church and soon became the youth pastor. We became real close and he introduced me to who Jesus really was.

Me: "Wait.. 13 years old was when it really became real to you. For some people it takes a whole lifetime.. what a privilege that was.

Marcus: "Yeah man.. this guy started introducing me to the whole lifestyle of what being a christian is really about and one Tuesday at a bible study, I remember the first thing I said was, ‘When I grow up, I’m gonna be a pastor’.."

Me: "Wow!"

Marcus: "It was a defining moment in my life.. just saying that to him made it real and true to me. But, you know, as we grow into our teenage years we become rebellious and start doing our own things. As time went on that dream drifted away and I didn’t acknowledge it anymore.. but then God pulled me back in and got me together and said to me ‘You know you’re not doing the right thing. Come back home!’”


Me: "Whoa, now that had to be an eye opener! How did you respond to that? What did you do after hearing that?"

Marcus: "I really didn’t know what to do.. I had just finished high school and didn’t have any plans afterwards so I made up in my mind that I was gonna just read the word and chase after God.

Me:"That’s amazing. I tell people all the time that it’s cool to chase after your dreams but instead they should chase after God because when you do, you end up running into your dreams in the process. You’ll find that you end up colliding with what you wanted all along.


Marcus: "Man.. I couldn’t agree more! You’re so right."

Me:"I just feel it is such a pivotal point in people’s lives when they realize that the importance of all that we do points right back to Him.

So with most creatives and innovators alike, I find that being young is what inadvertently keeps us from reaching our true potential. Being young and 20, what scares you the most?”

Marcus: "That I’m not as wise as those I look up to. And what really scares me is what I don’t know.. like, being on a platform of standards where being ‘all-knowing’ is a must!"


Me: "You know, that is very true. It’s as though the people that are listening under you are looking to you for seemingly infinite wisdom and understanding of the word when the truth is we’re not always gonna get it right. That’s a lot of pressure especially for such a young age. How do you convince people that despite your age, what you’re doing and saying is God driven?"

Marcus: "Honestly, I am just a regular guy.. that’s really how I feel. But if God’s gonna get something done, He’s gonna get it done regardless. So, what I do is just go up there carrying faith with me and realizing that it’s okay to not know everything. I reach through relationship and understanding in order to reach those people, like being young helps them better relate to what I’m saying and how I preach a message.”

Me: "I’m about to ask you a hard one.. who is God to you?”


Marcus: "This may sound crazy or weird but I speak to God like he’s my best friend. Like when a miracle is performed or when I acknowledge a move of God I just look up and say, ‘Bro, you’re so crazy! You’ve done it again.’ Sometimes I just call him bro because it’s so personal.” 

Me: "I love that! Well man, I always end my interviews by asking this question to those of whom I consider my lil innovators -the new age hustlers, if you will.. 

What makes you extraordinary?”


Marcus: "Crazy thing is dude, I don’t feel the least bit extraordinary. I’m just like everyone else, but I guess that’s what makes me so relatable.. so then because I don’t feel that I am extraordinary, those qualities are what really do make me extraordinary."

Me: "Still so humble.. man, you’re definitely the right one to deliver the word of God. But for a minute, take a look at the word extraordinary. extra + ORDINDARY! People don’t see those two words and realize that you have to be ordinary and relatable to people so that they can see that it’s possible to do amazing things."


Marcus Galang is yet another perfect example of what I like to call a “lil innovator”. He’s one of the few of our generation that isn’t afraid to risk it all for what he truly believes. Marcus has personally inspired me to take Christianity to the next level and seek to have a deeper relationship with Jesus in a way that affects any and everyone I come in contact with.. 

World. I’d like to present to you, Marcus Galang .

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[ISSUE II] : Outsiders.



It’s a New Year, 2014 has been long-awaited and can you believe it’s finally here?! It’s pretty unreal. Last year was filled with many exciting challenges and achievements but now that it’s January 1st, it’s game time! 

Here on The Bureau, for the first issue of 2014, I thought to touch on the subject of individuality and how important it is to exploit all the unique qualities that make you who you are; in this instance, in your own respective towns and cities. Many of us feel that where we are right now isn’t exactly where we’re meant to be!

Ever since High School, I’ve felt so distant and very much out of tune with the norm of the Hampton Roads area.


While in school one day I ran into another guy named French, with a very similar mindset- almost immediately, we became bros.

We talked of how we wanted to change the world and do amazing things in this short lifetime- with his pursuit for dominating the fashion industry with his brand French Future, Inc., he looked to me for inspiration and fuel for the fire burning deep inside him.


Years have passed and we’re still closer than ever continuing to push for our dreams. But, the game has changed and this time.. we’re writing the rules .

 Twitter : @ffuturecoming  Instagram : @frenchnoir



OUTSIDER  \ˌat-ˈsī-dər, ˈat-ˌ\  :  a person who does not belong to or is not accepted as part of a particular group or organization .

Merriam Webster almost got it correct, let’s try this again .

OUTSIDER \ˌat-ˈsī-dər, ˈat-ˌ\ :  a person who was never meant to belong or be accepted but instead be respected and acknowledged for embracing their true uniqueness .

Yeah.. that sounds a lot more correct .

Being an outsider is truly a privilege. When you’re living among people that can’t appreciate you for being different, whether because of how you’re dressed, the way you think or talk, or what your beliefs are, it’s easy to think less of yourself.. but trust me, you have every reason NOT to feel that way.

In this day and age, everyone is trying to be “different” but little do they know that being themselves is what makes them different. Each one of us has been uniquely molded and created by God with all sorts of amazing and wonderfully different qualities. Whether they be the freckles on your face or that incredible voice that can only be heard from the shower.. The bible says in Psalms 139:14, “you’re fearfully and wonderfully made.”


I am George Lathan, 20 years old, African-American.. so far from model worthy. For years I’ve been self-conscious about the way I look.. being a black male and living in an age where, like Beyoncé says, “perfection is a disease of a nation,” it’s hard to try to look anything but out of place.. hell, my hairline naturally grows crooked and my ears aren’t proportional with one another but I’m learning to love every imperfection. ha!


Most guys here in Virginia dress alike and compete to wear it the best and talk with similar slang and still expect to be valued and characterized as different!!                                                            What sense does that make?


Dress in whatever speaks to how you’re feeling deep down on the inside. People should know quite a bit about who you really are before you even open your mouth to introduce yourself.

Besides fashion, your mindset is what also sets you a part from others in your local area. You don’t have to follow with the local norm just to be accepted.. live your life the way you choose to do so and in a way that’ll make you happiest eventually they’ll jump on the same bandwagon. Life becomes so much sweeter when you live for yourself and not for others.


With it now being the first day of a brand new year, it’s also a chance to celebrate it as the first day of the rest of your life! Wow. Just let that sink in for a minute.. you have so many chances to improve yourself and be the best YOU that you can be; why not make a declaration and choose TODAY?